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Significance of Flossing and Effective Flossing Alternatives

There are diligent flossers and then there are also people from whom flossing is a too-much process. We cannot deny the fact that for many of us taking a piece of floss, wrapping it around the fingers, and then moving it between the teeth to remove food or plaque feels like too much of hassle. Flossing is often undermined by a majority of people but it surely affects your oral health and the overall health of an individual. As a leading dental clinic in Ahmedabad, we thought to put some light on the importance of flossing and suggest some flossing alternatives so that you don’t end up with poor oral hygiene.

The Significance of Flossing

Tiny pieces of food are leftover in your mouth after you eat. Leftover food stay stuck on your gums and teeth and needs to be brushed and flossed. You have thousands of bacteria in your mouth that aids in breaking down the food buildup, but they leave behind plaque that needs to be removed. Dental plaque carries harmful bacteria that can irritate the gums, causing it to become inflamed and red and probably bleed. This boosts the chances of breeding more bacteria which might result in cavities and gingivitis. It ruins your oral health and eventually affects your overall health.

Alternatives for Flossing

It does not really matter whether you floss in the morning or night or if your floss post brushing or before brushing your teeth. What is important here is that you necessarily floss. For many people, conventional flossing it too much of hassle. Whether you are travelling or you find traditional flossing difficult, we have flossing alternatives that will help you maintain your oral hygiene and health.

Interdental brushes

These are tiny toothbrushes that are specially designed to clean between the teeth. They are usually easier than flossing congenitally using a thread. Moreover, if you have braces interdental brushes are a good-to-go option for flossing.

Pre-threaded Floss

Many people find it difficult to reach the floss in the mouth and move effectively between the teeth. Pre-threaded flossers are at our rescue, making the process effective. You can use them to reach the floss in your mouth. After each use, you should throw it.

Water Flossing

As the name suggests, water flossing involves a steady water stream that is intended between the teeth to clear the plaque. Use a hand-held appliance for performing water flossing as that will be a convenient way to do this.

Dental Pick

Dental picks are tiny sticks made of wood/plastic used to move the plaque from your gums and teeth. If you are using the wooden pick, we would suggest wetting the pick first with plain water to soften it. They are not considered a great alternative to traditional flossing as you may risk moving the bacteria in the mouth itself unless you consider using a different pick for each tooth.

Soft picks

Soft picks are small plastic picks just like dental picks but with a soft top and flexible rubber bristles. It goes easily between the teeth and thus it becomes easy to remove the plaque.

Daily brushing and flossing are important to maintain good oral hygiene. Also, do not forget to see your dentist twice a year for the regular checkup as some tough plaque buildup can be removed only by a professional. Right and proactive measures towards maintaining your oral health goes a long way. If you are looking for a dentist in Ahmedabad, we can help you with all your dental health needs.