Shreyas Dental is a multi-speciality dental hospital conceptualized by Dr. Kiran Patel, a Pioneer in Basal Implantology in Gujarat. It is a state-of-the-art dental care center equipped with modern and  technologically advanced dental equipment. At Shreyas, we cater to all your dental problems. Our expertise lies in providing painless strategic implantation treatment for permanent teeth in just 72 hours. Our patients come with no teeth and go back with implant-supported fixed teeth in just 3 days! We love to restore smiles and help our patients by lending them a delightful experience.

No Teeth To Fixed Teeth In Just 3 Days With Basal Implants

About Dr. Kiran Patel

Dr. Kiran Patel is an Internationally Trained Implant Surgeon. After completing his BDS & MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in India, he went on to pursue Masters in Immediate Functional Loading Implantology from Munich, Germany. 

He has been trained under the world-famous Strategic Implantologist, Dr. Stefan Ihde. After pursuing a specialized degree, he came back to India and Pioneered the Art & Science of Basal Implantology in Gujarat. Dr. Kiran has successfully placed 15,000+ basal implants and is a Consultant Implantologist all over Gujarat. Dr. Kiran is one of the very few dentists in India who is an Expert in Strategic Implantology.

  • Clinical Master, Mentor and International Teacher of International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany.
  • Expertise in Permanent Dental Implantation within 72 hours
  • Freelance Implant Consultant all over Gujarat
  • National & International Speaker on Implantology
  • Visiting 300 Dental Clinics across Gujarat & India
  • International Keynote Speaker on Oral Implantology: Asia, Africa & European Continent
  • Having more than 20 International & National Publications
  • Trained more than 250 doctors in Immediate Functional Loading Implantology
  • Member of renowned, National and International Associations of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology
  • Certified Trainer at American Academy of Facial Aesthetics

About Dr. Nishtha Patel

Dr. Nishtha Patel is an expert dentist having more than 13 years of experience in performing complex dental procedures and protecting the decayed tooth. She has attained specialization in conservation dentistry, endodontics, and cosmetic/ aesthetic dentistry. After serving thousands of patients, Dr. Nishtha is proficient in leveraging modern dental technologies to treat all kinds of patients. She gives her patients the comfort of going through “painless” dental treatment.

Why Us?

Adapting modern protocols, we provide quick, minimally invasive and the most efficient treatment. For permanent teeth loss solution, we guarantee instant dental implants in just 72 hours within 3 sittings.

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad

Your Smile is our responsibility. We provide Lifetime Warranty on our instant dental implant service assuring ultimate excellence to our patients.

Dr. Kiran Patel has received numerous International & National Awards for his outstanding work in the field of Basal Implantology.

Follow-ups are a must in every dental implant case. All implant case follows-ups are free thus providing you the comfort to visit your dentist regularly.

Our dental center is equipped with cutting-edge and advanced equipment that facilities smooth dental practice.

We import high-quality, titanium-grade implants from the flagship manufacturer in Switzerland.

Our expert dentist explains & educates the patients on the complete dental implant procedure. For instant dental implants, we provide free and friendly dental consultation and help patients understand the whole process clearly.