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What are Dental Implants and why do people need this?

Dental implantation is nothing but replacing prosthetic teeth that look like a real one. It is a painless procedure to provide a smile for a lifetime. We have an experienced team at Shreyas that can perform the basal implants in Ahmedabad with utmost safety. This procedure is one of the most successful in dental and cosmetic surgeries by the dentist in Naranpura.

Why do people need implants?

  1. People often need implantation to usually replace their missing or broken teeth. Other reasons include decay, infections, gum diseases, chemotherapy, drugs, or accidents. Many who experience any of these would like to go for a dental implant in Ahmedabad.
  2. The bite strength lowers after the implantation, so it is advisable to consume necessary vitamins and nutrients to get back 100% original strength to chew or bite the food after healing periods.
  3. People get very anxious and fear of looking bad after they lose their teeth or meet with an accident or any other incidences that make them lose their teeth. Do not get yourself isolated in this and become a strong person again with more confidence in you to socialize after getting dental implants.
  4. The structure of the jawbone is compromised after you lose your teeth. The integrity of the jawbone is lost and the teeth beside that will also slowly drift. Degrading of the jawbone can happen which in turn causes facial deformation. You can save your lost teeth and the integrity of the jaw can be maintained if you get the implant done by the dentist in Ahmedabad.

There are three main parts of implants –

The implant

Titanium material and a screw-like structure are embedded in the bone. Zygomatic implants are longer than the traditional ones as they are connected to the cheekbone, unlike the traditional ones that are implanted in the patient’s jawbone.


The prosthetic teeth are connected to the implant by an abutment. A screw runs through the prosthesis and into the abutment to keep it steady.


It is nothing but the tooth which needs to be designed in a way that it appears to be strong as the natural. A custom fit for every patient that can be for either a single tooth or a full set of teeth.