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Understanding Basal Implantology – The New Wave Dental Treatment

Painless dental treatment with no bloodshed, no bone grafting and with no limitations on benefits – yes, that’s what basal implantology is all about! It is also known as bicortical implantology. For those who are seeking painless dental treatments in any dental clinic in Ahmedabad could get a much-needed aid. The procedure is literally a relief.

Why basal implants?

Surprisingly, this high-end treatment could be completed in just 72 hours including the placement of prosthesis. Thus, it is not just pain-free, but saves time and money as well. Unlike conventional implants, there are no bone augmentations, grafting, or stitches. Also, there is no need for interim dentures. Moreover, this modern treatment completely eliminates the suffering while fixing the implant abutment.

Let’s get down to some of the major benefits of basal implantology or what we call strategic implantology treatment:

  • Immediate solution to tooth loss
  • No bone grafting
  • Single piece implantology
  • Cortical or basal bone support
  • Minimally invasive or ‘key-hole’ implantology
  • Best solutions for unfavorable bone conditions 98% success rate
  • No chances of peri-implantitis

How do basal implants work in unfavorable bone conditions?

The basal implants make use of the available bone structure avoiding complex bone augmentation procedures. Sinus lifts and nerve trans-positioning are also not required while attaching basal implants. The implants chosen by a dental clinic in Ahmedabad that are to be attached are suitable to the patient’s available bone and are adapted to the facial structure of the individual without any harm.

Who is the best candidate for basal implants?

Any person with good general oral health can undergo this procedure. If you have lost your teeth due to injury or disease, you can opt for basal implantology. With this procedure, you can eat, smile, and chew with a natural feel, just as with original teeth. This new wave treatment could be a blessing, if you have broken tooth/teeth. For dental implants in Ahmedabad, you can conduct a free consultation with Shreyas Dental Hospital. Owing to our vast portfolio in the field of dentistry and having placed around 7000 implants successfully, our expertise and par excellence is sure to revive you smile.