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The Extensive Procedure for Dental Implants in 72 hours

Basal dental implantation treatment has ignited a promising revolution in the world of dentistry. The contemporary treatment has an edge over the traditional procedures as it has the capability to restore the permanent teeth in just three days.Popular as “dental implants in 72 hours”, the basal dental implant treatment restores your smile and gives the same natural appearance that you had with your original teeth.

Serving as a permanent, long-lasting, and reliable solution for tooth loss, the instant dental implants at Shreyas Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad promises effective results owing to the experience and the expertise of the chief dental surgeon Dr. Kiran Patel. The modern basal dental implant treatment is highly durable and yields robust and natural-like teeth. Basal Dental implantation has numerous advantages over the conventional dental implants and it a combined oral division of dental implantology and orthopedic surgery.

The Procedure for Dental Implants in 72 hours

The three-day procedure for the basal implantation takes three sittings on the three consecutive days to place strong and durable permanent implant teeth.

Day 1: Teeth or tooth is extracted if it is required.Then, under the local anesthesia, the implants are planted in the mouth and the fixed acrylic bridge is placedon the same day. Also, the impressions or measurements for generating the teeth as per the tone and shape are taken on the same day.The whole procedure takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Day 2: Coping or metal trial will be fitted on the second day

Day 3: Fixing of the computer-generated permanent teeth is done on the third day. Occlusal Equilibration is checked on the same day.

After the three day procedure, you are good to consume normal food from the fourth day itself. The patient needs to take basic care and visit the dentist for an annual checkup. After you undertake the dental implants in 72 hours treatment at Shreyas Dental, the implant teeth are likely to last a lifetime. Shreyas Dental Hospital also offers a lifetime warranty on the basal dental implant treatment and promise to compensate any unfortunate failure free of cost.