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Most Common Dental Problems in Kids

Good oral health is the priority of all parents and sometimes ignoring it can lead to numerous health issues. You must encourage your child to develop good oral habits. It is crucial to do so from a very early age as it can keep them protected from dental woes.

In this post, we will share some of the most common dental problems in kids and how you can keep them away.


Dental clinics in Ahmedabad say that sensitivity can be troublesome for both adults and kids. It not only makes them uncomfortable, but also distracts them from their routine. It could happen because of various factors which we will cover here. Cavities, new teeth, bruxism, orthodontic treatment, and enamel wear are some of the reasons that give rise to tooth sensitivity. It can cause discomfort and immense pain. It can be treated as there are a number of treatments available. You must visit a good dentist in Ahmedabad to get the best of treatment.

Gum disease

If you think that gum diseases only trouble adults, you couldn’t be more wrong. Gum diseases and gingivitis can occur in kids as well. If your child is experiencing red or swollen gums while brushing or flossing or you see signs of bleeding, it is a sign that your child is suffering from gum diseases. You must never take it lightly. Kids with poor oral hygiene are more prone to gum diseases. Gum diseases can be prevented if brushing and flossing is done properly on a regular basis.


Tooth decay happens when sticky plaque accumulates in the mouth. Acid in the plaque is strong enough to destroy the enamel. Dentists advise parents to keep an eye on the oral hygiene of their kids as it can help prevent cavities. If you doubt that your cavities are getting developed in your kid’s mouth, you must immediately visit a good dental clinic in Naranpura.

Dental emergency

Dental emergencies can come about due to many reasons such as injuries during sports, falling from bike etc. Teeth can chip and break and also cause some severe injuries. In some instances, one or more permanent tooth can get removed. If that’s the case, you must immediately get in touch with your dentist. The dentist may be able to reattach the tooth by using a retainer.

Dental phobias

Even adults are prone to dental anxiety and phobias. So, it is not hard to imagine how susceptible kids can be to dental anxiety or phobias. Make your kids relaxed and explain them that it is not going to be painful. It is for their well-being. Do you need more information relate to dentists in Naranpura? If yes, feel free to get in touch with us. As one of the best dental clinics in Ahmedabad, we will be more than happy to answer all your dental health related queries to your satisfaction.