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Learn About Basal Implantology – The New Wave Implant System

Basal implants also referred as cortical implants or strategic implants or immediate loading implants are advanced, new wave implantology system which makes the use of basal portion (cortical bone) of the jaw bone to anchor the implants. They are distinctively designed to be placed in the cortical bone area for ensuring the strength of the dental implants.

This modern implant system allows to break through the limitations of the traditional implant systems and make space for implants even in the most critical cases like minimal bone presence. This new-age procedure does not refuse implants to the patients on the grounds of insufficient bone which made basal implants in India a hit.

Basal implants are befitting for many people who were not able to get implants earlier –

  • Smokers
  • Diabetes patients
  • Patients with gum disease
  • Patients with insufficient bone

Not to mention that along with such wide treatment parameters in compromised patients, basal implants are still reliable, fast, safe, painless, and no maintenance procedure.

Immediate Fixation and Painless Procedure

The treatment is minimally invasive and very less traumatic, causing no blood-shed. To top it all, it involves immediate fixation of teeth, and the procedure could be completed in just 72 hours at our dental clinic in Ahmedabad

It doesn’t involve a longer waiting time for implants in order to heal. After insertion, the implants are integrated into the best available bone. Any patients who opt for basal implants can start eating normally immediately after the procedure.

Single Piece Implantology

The highlight of this basal implantology is that single piece implants are used which minimises the chances for failures or setbacks due to interface issues between connections which used to be a thing with traditional two and three-piece implants.

Cortical Bone Support

These implants are anchored in the sterile bone which minimises or almost eliminates the chances of resorption. Moreover, the cortical bone has a faster and very stable repairing ability.

Some Important Benefits of Basal Implantology

  • Facilitate immediate placement of implants after the extraction of all the teeth in just a single stage.
  • Avoidance of sinus lift and bone grafting
  • Treatment for all – A good solution especially for compromised individuals like patients with unfavourable bone situations
  • No incidence of any infection or peri-implantitis
  • Post treatment, there are no such oral hygiene requirements or extraordinary maintenance requirements
  • Saves time and money as treatment can be completed in just 72 hours (3 sittings)

For more information with regards to dental implants in 72 hours, feel free to get in touch with our expert Dr. Kiran Patel.