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Key Advantages of Dental Implants in 3 Days

Dental care has witnessed the most revolutionary advance with the introduction of dental implant treatment. Despite the numerous advances made earlier, people still suffered due to tooth loss. For years now, the solution to missing tooth has been through the traditional bridges or dentures. With the arrival of dental implants, the solution to tooth loss became more reliable lending a robust fixation. This process had greater benefits over the traditional dentures and bridges but also has few fallbacks in terms of duration of the process and durability. With the most intelligent innovation in the field of dentistry, the basal dental implant or dental implants in 3 days, repairing tooth loss and restoring smiles became a painless affair.

Basal dental implant is a modern rendition of the conventional dental implant providing implant supported teeth that last a lifetime. The contemporary treatment can be accomplished in just 72 hours and three sittings lending a more durable solution for teeth loss. As basal dental implants made the world of dentistry bigger and better, it goes without saying that it has numerous advantages considering the oral health and hygiene.

Advantages of Dental Implants in 3 Days

Endorsing a huge revolution in the field of dentistry, basal dental implants have some great advantages when it comes to fixing the tooth or teeth loss.

Ideal treatment for all

Whether you are having diabetes, is a chain smoker or suffering from any other disease, you can opt for basal dental implantation. Regardless of age, the presence of residual teeth, and extent of bone loss, basal dental implant is an ideal treatment for all.

No blood loss, hassle-free treatment

Basal dental implant requires only one surgical intervention while splinting strategic implants with the bridge. It causes no blood loss, is painless, and requires no surgery.

Less treatment Duration

The treatment can be accomplished in just 3 days with just 3 sittings on consecutive days.

Easy Maintenance

Strategic dental implants are easy to maintain and just requires one or two visits to your doctor annually.

Improved appearance

Basal dental implant gives a natural-like look and feel. As they fuse with the cortical jaw bone and act like your actual roots, they give natural appearance same as your original teeth would give.

Improved speaking ability

With the traditional poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can slip in your mouth and you might slur the words. However, with basal dental implantation you can speak naturally and clearly the way you used to with your original teeth.

Better chewing and eating ability

In strategic or basal dental implants, you can chew food from the fourth day itself. Since it a highly durable setup, you can chew harder substances as well.

Improved self-esteem

Strategic dental implant restores your natural smile and makes you feel better.


Implants in this modern method are very durable and lasts a lifetime. At Shreyas Dental Hospital, we even provide a lifetime warranty on the basal dental implants.

Better Convenience

This method is hassle-free and convenient as it does not affect any nearby teeth as in tooth-supported bridges and dentures. Also, they eliminate the need to remove and fix dentures. Basal dental implants are highly durable and there is no risk of teeth falling out.

Success Rate

Dental implants in 3 days method has around 98% success rate, higher than both, the conventional dental implants and the traditional bridges and dentures.

Improved oral health and hygiene

It allows easy access between teeth and hence provides improved oral health and hygiene.