Immediate Functional Loading Dental Implantology refers to giving patients implant supported fixed teeth in just 3 days. This is the most advanced technology available today. Patient walks-in without any teeth and goes back with fixed teeth in just 72 hours. During the treatment, the implant surgeon uses Cortico- Basal Implants made using highest quality material in Switzerland. Dr. Kiran Patel is a Pioneer of this technology in Gujarat and has successfully placed 15,000+ basal implants in the last 10 years. He has a 95% success track record.

Consultation and discussion of the treatment plan

Removal of the affected teeth and immediate implant placement.

Trying-in of the bridge

Permanent fixation of the bridge & Correction of the bite

Advantages of Cortico-Basal Implants

Bloodless, Painless, Flapless

100% Result Oriented Procedure

Lifetime Warranty

Permanent Solution

Return to Normal Life in just 3 Days