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Extract Your Tooth or Save It? Which Is Best?

When you have a toothache or if your tooth is infected, it may seem like pulling it is easy then bearing the pain. It is never easy the way it sounds. You cannot just visit a dentist and ask him to extract it. Many people are unaware of saving the natural teeth make sure you know all the facts before you plan to pull it out. You can always consult the best dentist in Ahmedabad who would suggest to you what is better.

Benefits of saving your natural teeth

Strong teeth – Natural teeth are stronger, they function better than the artificial ones and easy if you take care of it. No doubt technology is better than before but still, natural teeth are always stronger than any fabricated teeth.

Appearance – Once you pull a tooth the roots that support the jaw are also pulled, this will lead to the collapse of the bone surrounding that tooth which will make you look older than your age.

Confidence – As you look older than your age, you tend to lose your confidence in passing out that smile people loved to see. Time and again patients have lost their joyful smile behind the embarrassment about the loss of their teeth.

Less pain – People think it is less pain in pulling the teeth rather than taking care of the infected. Whereas the fact is after removing the teeth chances of dry socket can give you even more pain if not addressed at the right time.

Visit the dentist – After a tooth is pulled away, a dentist may implant, consider a crown, or even bridge a dental device to eliminate the problem of shifting teeth. This may lead to frequent visits to the doctor and more pain with expenses.

When to have it extracted?

There are many good reasons to hang on your natural teeth but there are times when the extraction is the only better option. The cracked tooth below the gum line or if several such cracks take place, then extraction is important. The tooth becomes weak and unavoidable to keep it natural. A root canal can be done instead and the best place to get this fixed would be a dental clinic in Naranpura.