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Dental Implants: A Guide to getting Fixed Teeth in 3 Days

No matter how cautious you are with maintaining your oral hygiene, some situations may cause you to lose one or more of your teeth during the lifetime. However, thankfully, artificial body parts also called as Prosthetics have been created to allow one to replace a missing tooth.

Dentures have always been the go-to option in such situations. However, the advancements in medicine and technology have led to the creation of more choices. Dental Implants are one such choice which has gained much popularity in recent times.

Unlike other options, Dental Implants are much more durable, versatile and comfortable for the patients. Earlier these treatments used to be very time consuming but now one can get Dental Implants in just 3 days.

Procedure for fixing teeth in 3 days

On the first day of getting Dental Implants in 3 days, the first step is to extract patients tooth or teeth out if required. After this localized Anaesthesia is applied on the gums to avoid any discomfort to the patient. The measurements and impressions for the implants are taken to fabricate a fixed acrylic bridge, and the implant is then placed inside the mouth on the very same day. This procedure takes around a couple of hours.

On the second day a coping trial is carried out for Zirconia or trying out the Metal for Porcelain-fused-to- Metal crowns to identify the proper fitting of the same.

On the third and last day, the teeth are permanently fixed, and various tests are conducted to attain the proper bite equilibrium

Benefits of getting Dental Implants in 3 Days

Most significant advantage of fixing teeth in 3 days is that unlike other procedures most of the work can be done in a single visit hence reducing the overall cost of the treatment.

This procedure does not involve bone grafting that makes it a minimally invasive procedure and hence reduces the recovery time. Patients suffering from weak bones, diabetes or high blood pressure can also undergo this procedure without any health risk. Most importantly, these implants are easy to maintain and can even last a whole lifetime. Click here to know more about Stronger & More Durable Dental Implants in Just 3 Days.