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Basal Dental Implants in 72 hours: Painless, New Wave Strategic Implantation Treatment

Losing a tooth or teeth due to decay, injury or an infection can be painful and makes an embarrassing change in your smile. As dental technologies have advanced to a great extent, patients no more have to live with that weird incompleteness in their smile. Basal dental implant or what we call strategic implantation is a new wave dental treatment for a permanent tooth replacement solution. The modern treatment has broad benefits and no limitation and hence it has become a gold standard for permanent dental implants.

Basal dental implant also called Immediate Load Dental implantation has been into implementation in the dental world as it is painless, causes no blood-shed, and requires no bone grafting. Leaving behind the conventional method, this high-end treatment facilitates dental implant in just 72 hours. For the people seeking for permanent tooth or teeth replacement, basal dental implant is like a bonanza which takes less time and is cost-effective, leaving patients with all smiles and no hassles.

Strategic Dental Implantation – The Modern Touch

Basal implantology has replaced traditional dental implant methods as this modern method includes the application of rules of orthopedic surgery and makes the treatment more convenient and painless. It is a perfect amalgamation of the rules of traditional dental implantation and orthopedic surgery. Consequently, this treatment is categorized as an oral division of orthopedic surgery.

The Process: Dental Implant in 72 hours

Implants are basically artificial tooth roots that are anchored directly into your jaw with a durable and high-quality titanium screw. Imagine it as a screw that is anchored in your jaw acting as a support to hold the crown, bridge or denture in proper place. Just the way natural roots hold our natural teeth in place; dental implants are an artificial fixation holding the new teeth or bridge in place.

In the traditional method, the implants were placed in the upper cancellous bone. However, there were issues of this bone decaying or decreasing with age or due to any diseases. So, in the basal dental implant method, the upper layer of the bone is bypassed completely and the implants are placed in the lower cortical bone.

After the integration of implants in the cortical bone, the bridge or crown is placed upon it resulting in a stable implantation just like your natural teeth. The procedure of basal dental implants can be accomplished in just 72 hours resting into effective and very natural eating, smiling, and speaking.

Restore Natural Look and Feel

The strategic dental implant procedure has marked a breakthrough in the dental world as it is the next big thing that is very close to your natural teeth.  Moreover, it requires no surgery and causes no blood-shed lending a painless experience to the patients.The results are highly stable and give a natural-like look and feel for a lifetime.

No Limitations

Whether any person is suffering from diabetes or he is an addicted smoker or is suffering from any other disease, they can get basal dental implants placed in the same time frame with the same procedure. The treatment comes with no limitations and provides a permanent painless solution. It is affordable and worth your penny.


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